Street Racket can be played by anyone, anwhere and at any time!

Street Racket UK

Street Racket is the new racket sport from Switzerland, combining fun, informal activity with more traditional racket skills. It can be played by anyone, anywhere and at any time, with no special equipment required. If you have a stick of chalk or a line a string, you can easily create your own temporary court! 

Street Racket launched in the UK in 2020 as a result of a partnership between Street Racket founder, Marcel Straub, and Richard Cutler, owner of Serving Tennis. Street Racket UK involves lots of exciting opportunities, including:

  • primary and secondary school teacher training
  • delivery of Street Racket in the school sports curriculum
  • purchasing official Street Racket equipment
  • creation of permanent Street Racket courts in schools, playgrounds, parks, racket clubs, etc.
  • partnerships with relevant national governing bodies
  • partnerships with existing racket sport coaches
  • partnerships with school sports and leisure providers
  • projects to take Street Racket into the community, including accessible opportunities

Street Racket is easy to play for all ages, and requires no special equipment. If you have some chalk, you can mark a temporary court in your local playground. You could also mark out a court on grass with throw-down lines or string for instance. Read on for further details about Street Racket rules and court dimensions.

To discuss opportunities with Richard, please use the following contact details:


Street Racket is possible for all ages!